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Business Facade Improvement Program Survey

  1. Business Facade Improvement Program Survey

    As part of our continuous economic development endeavors, the Village of Deerfield would like you to participate in a BUSINESS FAÇADE... More…

Farmers Market Forms

  1. Farmers Market Civic Group Application

    Use this online form to register for your civic organization to appear at the Deerfield Farmers Market.

  2. Farmers Market Supervisor Application
  1. Farmers Market Music Performer Application

Police Forms

  1. 2016 Community Survey
  1. Vacation Watch Request Form

    This form can be submitted by Deerfield residents to request a vacation watch.

Public Works

  1. Odor Complaint Monitoring Form

    This form will assist the consultant in identification of specific odors to pinpoint the sources and tailor remediation... More…

Volunteer Forms

  1. "Dear" in Deerfield
  2. Deerfield Community Service Award Application
  3. Food Delivery Volunteer

    The West Deerfield Township Food Pantry is in need of volunteers to deliver food from the Township office to approximately 38 residents... More…

  4. Senior Buddy Program

    West Deerfield Township has created a list of local senior citizens who would appreciate regular phone calls from residents while they... More…

  1. Boards & Commissions Volunteer Application
  2. Farmers Market Volunteer Application

    Farmers Market Volunteer Application

  3. Heritage Month Poll

    Hello, At our last meeting we decided to divvy up the planning for our Heritage Month celebrations into subgroups to plan. Please... More…

Winter Celebration

  1. Winter Market Vendor Application

    Winter Market Vendor Application