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Civic Group Application

  1. 2024 Date Selection

    The Deerfield Farmers Market will be held on the following dates:

    June    8        15      22       29         

    July      6        13      20       27      29       

    Aug.    3        10      17       24       31          

    Sept.   7        14      21       28             

    Oct.     5       

    Please list your first, second and third choices for dates to the right.

  2. Second Market Appearance

    Organizations may apply to participate at the market more than one time during a market season. Additional dates will be assigned after the due date (April 14) in order to give all organizations a chance to participate at least once.

  3. (e.g., selling baked goods, coffee, lemonade, used book sale, etc.)

  4. Do you require electricity?*
  5. I understand:*

    Size of set up area is one producer space approximately 17 feet by 19 feet.  Parking is available in the commuter parking lot at the northwest corner of Deerfield Road and Robert York Avenue, as well as in the municipal lots in the surrounding area. Members of participating community organizations may not park in the Park District parking lot in front of the Jewett Park District building. 

    I have read, understand, and agree to the Rules of Operations 

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