Compliments & Complaints

Notice to the Public Regarding Compliments & Complaints Against the Department

This notice explains how to register a compliment or complaint against the Deerfield Police Department or any of its employees.

“It shall be the policy of this department to subject each and every police action and decision to the test of public review and criticism, should the need arise. The police department is a public institution which derives its support from an allegiance to the citizens of the community. By encouraging citizens to air their grievances, we are demonstrating the willingness and ability to provide the type of policing that is expected of a professional organization.” (Deerfield Police Department – General Order #131)

Compliment and Complaint Overview

The purpose of this notice is intended to provide information and guidance to persons wishing to initiate a compliment or complaint concerning the conduct of a member of the Deerfield Police Department. It is the policy of the Deerfield Police Department to investigate the allegations against a member of the Department in order to determine the merit and substance of the complaint. It is also the policy of the Department to recognize superior performance.

Compliment Process:

If you would like to compliment any member of the Department for work you feel is worthy of recognition, please do so in the following manner.

• Contact any supervisor either by phone at 847.945.8636 or in person

• Mail your comments to the Chief of Police

Email your comments to the Chief of Police

Any compliments received will be documented and conveyed to the employee. A copy of the compliment will also be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

Complaint Process:

Every employee of the Deerfield Police Department understands that the integrity of the Department depends upon the personal integrity of each member. It is essential to maintain an open system of review that ensures objectivity, fairness and justice through an impartial investigation of the facts. We strive to treat each person we encounter with courtesy, consideration and dignity.

A complaint may be submitted to any supervisor of the Department. There are several options to submitting a complaint including anonymously.

Informal Complaint: You can visit or call the employee’s supervisor to discuss your issues. The supervisor will discuss the matter with the employee to resolve those issues. If you feel the supervisor cannot resolve the matter, you may contact the Chief of Police.

Formal Complaint: You can present your complaint in writing to any supervisor. The employee’s immediate Commander will initiate an investigation. All results of that investigation will be forwarded to the Chief of Police. You will be notified of the results of that investigation.