Dulce Caramel

Producer of chocolate and dulce de leche confections, Dulce Caramel Co. was created by Pastry Chef Graciela Schargorodsky, to share the flavors she grew up with in South America.

Graciela was born in a small city next to the Andes mountains, famous for its sweets and preserves, where artisans have been preparing jams and confections the traditional way for hundreds of years.

After moving to America with her young family, Graciela recreated the flavors she missed so much. On her trips back to Argentina, she took confectionary classes, learning the art of Alfajor and Dulce de Leche making.

After graduating from the French Pastry School of Chicago, Graciela launched Dulce Caramel Co., an artisanal confectionary venture specializing in authentic Alfajores, Dulce de Leche and chocolate products, using only traditional methods of elaboration.

Website: https://www.dulcecaramelmarket.com/