Mayor's Monarch Pledge

Monarch Butterflies, Illinois' State Insect, are found across the United States — numbering some 1 billion in 1996. Unfortunately, their numbers have declined by approximately 90 percent in recent years due to numerous threats, particularly loss of habitat from agricultural practices, development, and cropland conversion. Degradation of wintering habitat in Mexico and California has also had a negative impact on the species.

This is a serious issue with grave implications for our environment. As a result, Mayor Harriet Rosenthal took the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayor's Monarch Pledge on May 2, 2016 and committed to take action to help the Monarch and other pollinators. The Village is on pace to receive special recognition as an NWF Monarch Leadership Circle designee by completing action items including banning neonicotinoid pesticides on Village land, updating landscape ordinances to encouraging developers to use milkweed and other native nectar plants, distributing free milkweed seeds, and hosting educational events.