About the Sustainability Commission

A Guide for the Community

The Sustainability Commission, comprised of 9 Deerfield resident volunteers nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Board of Trustees, advises the Mayor and Board of Trustees, works with Village staff, and acts as a resource for the Deerfield community on environmental issues. It identifies and encourages the use of sustainable practices by the Village and acts as a resource to the residents, organizations and businesses of our community by assisting them to live and work in a manner that reduces their impact on the natural environment. Toward that end, the Sustainability Commission established the following statements to guide our efforts:

Vision Statement

“The Sustainability Commission’s vision is that Deerfield optimize its potential in environmentally sound practices, thereby improving the quality of our local environment for the benefit of our citizens, businesses and neighbors.”

Mission Statements

  • “To educate and actively engage the Deerfield community regarding the benefits of living sustainably.
  • To make environmental information and resources readily available.
  • To create partnerships with interested parties help achieve our mutual sustainable goals.
  • To recommend sustainable initiatives which are fiscally responsible and enhance our economic vitality.”

Contact Information

Do you have a suggestion regarding how Deerfield might be more environmentally friendly or have a question regarding sustainable issues or practices in the community? Please, send the commission an email.

Details regarding the Sustainability Commission’s meeting schedule can be found on the commission page.