Garage/ Estate Sale

A permit is required for all public and private garage/estate sales. A single permit is good for holding 2 sales in a calendar year. Each sale may be held for a maximum of 4 consecutive days. The permit is only good for the address on which it is issued.

​Permit Application and Processing Fee
  • Complete a Temporary Use Permit and return to the Community Development Department.  
  • A permit fee of  $5.00 will be charged. 
  • Completed permit applications will be granted over the counter whenever possible.

Signs - Number, Size, and Location
  • No more than three signs will be allowed to advertise the sale, unless you are on a corner lot where one additional sign will be allowed.
  • No sign shall be larger than three square fee or have more than two faces.
  • All signs must be on private property.
    • One sign on the property where the sale is being held, two additional signs within 500 feet of the sale on private property, provided permission has been given by the owner of that property.
  • Distance:
    • Standard Sidewalk: Signs must be placed at least five feet from the edge of the sidewalk.
    • Carriage Walks (sidewalks next to street): Signs must be placed at least ten feet from the edge of the sidewalk.
    • No Sidewalk: Signs must be placed at least fifteen feet from the edge of the street's curb.
  • Height:
    • Ground Sign: No higher than five feet above curb level.
    • Wall Sign: No higher than one story of fifteen feet above curb level, whichever is lower.
  • No sign may be attached to traffic signals, utility poles, fire hydrants or trees.
  • Regulations which govern real estate signs in the parkways are not the same and do not apply to garage/estate sale signs.