Public Art

Collage of three paintings, including a green face

Sharing Art & Supporting Artists

The Deerfield Fine Arts Commission’s Public Art Program has placed  art on display in public buildings throughout the Village for three years. If a selected piece or artist has caught your eye, please feel free to reach out to the artist using the contact information provided next to each piece. Many of the artists would welcome the opportunity to show you their work and discuss purchase.

Annual Program

The primary goal of the Deerfield Public Art Program is to publicly display works of art created by local, regional, national and international artists. The art is displayed for 1 year in public buildings and new pieces are selected each year.


The Deerfield Fine Arts Commission’s Public Art Program has placed 16 pieces of art on display in public buildings throughout the Village this year.

Artists from Deerfield include Caren Kaplan, Sara Kenward, Wayne Rhodes, Kris Van Stockum, Barbara Wagner, Brenna Wagner, Penny Weinberg, and Susan Willis. Other artists include Suzette Bross of Chicago, Neil Cohen of Buffalo Grove, and, Janet Poppe of Highland Park.


Buildings included in the program are:
  • Deerfield Park District facilities
  • Deerfield Public Library
  • Deerfield Village Hall
  • Public Works


Application for Artist Entry (PDF) including the online application, for the next year of the program are now available.
The Deerfield Public Art Program is open to all visual artists who meet the following criteria:
  • Artists who are professional and of serious intent
  • Artists working in any permanent media
  • Art students working with practicing artists/teachers may be considered
  • Artists must have knowledge of public art. While previous experience in public art is not required, artists should be knowledgeable of materials, techniques, and public art processes.
  • Appropriateness of an artist’s work for public display. (Appropriateness in terms of scale, material, content and placement).
  • All selected artwork must be delivered to the village “ready-to-hang” for immediate display. Any pieces that arrive needing framing or additional assembly will not be included in the display program and will be returned to the artist.
For more information, contact Management Analyst David Fitzgerald at 847-719-7400 or email.