DBR Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The Chamber is organized to advance the general welfare, economic development and diversity of Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods, so that their citizens and all areas of the business community prosper.

The DBR Chamber Commerce - Founded in 1925

Chartered by the State of Illinois, 1937; Chartered by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1951; Joined the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, 1957.

Promoting a closer relationship between business and the community is inherent in the DBR Chamber of Commerce's charter. The Chamber and its members are dedicated to making our villages the best possible place in which to live, shop and work. The Chamber is an advocate of business and serves as its voice in the community. It improves community understanding of commerce and is the central organization through which people can join hands to promote projects that benefit residents, businesses and the community at large.