Historic Cemetery

The Deerfield Historical Cemetery, located at the northwest corner of Waukegan Road and Central Avenue, is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area and contains the graves of many early settlers. It is also fairly unique because it is one of only a few cemeteries in the United States to be protected under a perpetual charter. The land for the cemetery was purchased from Philemon Cadwell in April 1858 for about $44, and lots were originally sold for $5. 

In 1916, Mr. William M. Hoyt, a successful businessman in the area, donated an ornamental iron gate and fence. Today, the sign portion of the gate, reading “DEERFIELD – PEACE – LOVE – CHARITY,” remains over the entrance on Waukegan Road. Over the years, many other additions have been made to the cemetery, including a plaque listing the war dead of Deerfield donated by American Legion Post 738, stone-capped brick piers donated by Lucile Loarie and the Deerfield Lions in honor of America’s bicentennial celebration, and a new 48inch high wrought iron fence and gate along Waukegan Road in 1992.

The cemetery contains the graves of approximately 15 Civil War veterans, as well as the graves of veterans of the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, the Spanish-American War, and both World War conflicts. The Deerfield Cemetery is at full capacity.

Numbering system map for grave locations

Deerfield Cemetery Commission

The Deerfield Cemetery Commission was established in 1988 after the Deerfield Cemetery Association (a private entity) relinquished control, and the operation, maintenance and financial management of the Deerfield Cemetery was transferred to the Village of Deerfield (Resolution Number R-88-11). The Cemetery Commission oversees all issues related to the cemetery grounds including the maintenance, restoration and care. Also, the commission maintains records of plot ownership, burial sites, and oversees the Deerfield Cemetery website.


The Cemetery Commission meets multiple times a year, with periodic inspections of the cemetery grounds.

Village Hall, 850 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 

Staff Liaison

Justin Keenan, Assistant Village Manager                                                              Email: jkeenan@deerfield.il.us Phone: 847.719.7462

Cemetery Interactive Map

Explore the Deerfield Cemetery interactive website. You'll be surprised what you uncover!

Record Book

Review the Deerfield Cemetery Record Book (1858 - 1890) to discover if your ancestors rest within the grounds. 

History of Deerfield

In 1928, Deerfield resident Marie Ward Reichelt authored a book delving into the history of Deerfield and its Cemetery. Click here to learn about Deerfield in the 1920s