Public Mural Program

The Deerfield Fine Arts Commission has installed two new murals by Deerfield High School students Lauren Colwell and Kamilija Intaite. Two of the murals are on the east wall of the AT&T building in the Village Center.

Working with the Fine Arts Commission, Deerfield High School Art Teacher Mike Moran held a mural contest and used it as a way to teach students about public art. This year, one of the murals is dedicated to the DHS Class of 2020. 

The murals will be on display for one year and will be replaced by other student art. AT&T donated the use of their walls.

Lauren Colwell, Deerfield High School


Artist’s Statement:

In recognition of my senior year being cut short I wanted to create a mural for the graduating class of 2020. In taking on this task I wanted to make sure that every senior at DHS was recognized individually yet still as a whole. The windows on the side have students peering through them all representing different clubs or activities held at the school. Some of them are open for interpretation and some are very specific such as the football player. There are countless activities at DHS that the seniors of our class were involved in and it is in those activities that our legacies will lie. Secondly the mural has a larger student in the middle. The student is clearly representing a graduating senior; fully dressed in a cap and gown with the word ‘Class of 2020’ floating above their head. However, there are a couple subtleties that are easy to miss when viewing the mural. For example, the layout of windows, a larger student in the middle, and a small microphone and hang up button are meant to call attention to the fact that our graduation will be taking place virtually: formatted much like a Zoom call. The last thing I would like to call attention to is the bathroom-sign-like stick figures. I chose to make every single person the same color and shape, I also dress them in the same colors. This was not done out of ease rather it was done intentionally to call to the unity of our class. We are all one now, even all across the world the class of 2020 is graduating as one. Thank you for the opportunity to create a piece of artwork to celebrate this incredible moment publicly because we all have to graduate privately.

Kamilija Intaite, Deerfield High School

Kamilija Mural

Artist’s Statement:

My piece depicts my view-point about the corona pandemic: one portrait representing self growth/hope while the other represents fear/grief. Both portraits are surrounded with as many various exaggerated emotions/experiences I had in hopes during this time that it will resonate with the majority.