How do I obtain plans for my house?
The Community Development Department keeps files on every address in Deerfield. We may have plans for some houses, but not all of them. You may call the Community Development Department at 847-719-7484 and ask a staff member to look in your home’s file. If we have paper house plans on file, the homeowner may request a copy at their expense. The Village does not have a large format copier and the plans will have to be sent out for copying at the homeowner’s expense. A note on floor plans: for security reasons we can only release copies of floor plans to a homeowner – not to a real estate agent, potential buyer, contractor or anyone else.

Sometimes we have house plans on microfiche. At this time, we are not able to make copies of plans on microfiche. Most companies no longer make copies from microfiche because the technology is outdated, and for the companies that still make these copies they are often expensive and the quality is very poor.

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1. How do I obtain plans for my house?
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