Who is Lakeshore Recycling Systems?
Lakeshore Recycling Systems was formed in 2012 from the merger of 2 Chicago based waste and recycling companies: Lakeshore Waste Services and Recycling Systems, Inc. Lakeshore Waste Services was started 11 years ago by a veteran of one of the largest waste companies in the country and provides a wide range of refuse, recycling and composting services to residents and businesses in the Chicagoland area. Through a grassroots effort, LWS grew from a 1 - truck 1 - route operation into a 60 - truck company.

Recycling Systems, Inc. was started in 1996 by veterans of the waste and recycling business in Forest Park, IL. In 2004, after running numerous transfer stations RSI built 2 of 25,000 - square - feet recycling and transfer buildings and established its home in Chicago.

Recycling Systems optimized the waste stream by finding outlets for recyclable materials that are sorted at their facility. They have proven success in exceeding U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification points and compliant with the City of Chicago Recycling Ordinance. RSI’s 55 - fleet operation serves the Chicago land area residents, general contractors, and demolition and excavation companies. For more information Lakeshore Recycling Systems please visit its website.

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