What exactly is a Smoke Test?
A 2-man or 3-man crew from the Sewer Division will use a high capacity blower smoke technique to test each sewer line. Smoke blowers are placed on manholes and smoke is blown through the sewer system. Anywhere the smoke exits, there is potential for stormwater to enter the sewer system.

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1. What is the benefit to my city for performing a Smoke Test?
2. What exactly is a Smoke Test?
3. How will my residents know when Smoke Testing will be performed in their neighborhoods?
4. How are Sewer Division crews recognizable in the field?
5. Is the smoke that you use hazardous?
6. Do my city's residents have to do anything to prepare their homes for Smoke Testing?
7. What if smoke comes out of a resident's yard or driveway?
8. If there is smoke in the resident's yard, does that mean the cause of the leak needs to be dug up?
9. Does the resident need to be home when the Smoke Testing is performed?
10. What if a test yields no smoke defects?