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50/50 Tree Program Order Form

  1. The Village will pay half the cost to plant a tree in the parkway.  Your tree will be balled in burlap, guaranteed for one year, and planted by the Public Works Department. Trees will be planted in the fall. Trees will be planted in the parkway and cannot be planted on private property. Watch your tree next summer and, if you notice any problems, call us so we can have the tree examined before the guarantee expires. This program is for residential properties only. Limit one tree per year per household. The deadline is August 31.

    The Village of Deerfield is a member of the Suburban Tree Consortium, which enables us to obtain high-quality trees at competitive pricing. Most of our trees will be ordered from Wilson Nurseries, Inc. The trees that we offer in the program are 2” in diameter.

  2. Tree Selection

    The Village has seven different types of trees to select from this year.

    Click here to learn more about the various species of trees available and then select one that works best for you. As you think about your selection, keep the following in mind about planting location:

    • No trees can be planted in parkways less than 5 feet.
    • In the center of the parkway unless otherwise approved by the Village.
    • 40 feet from the nearest corner of the pavement of intersecting streets, measured away from the corner along both of the streets.
    • 10 feet  from driveways.
    • 15 feet from street lights.
    • 5 feet from fire hydrants, buffalo boxes, vaults, etc.
    • 5 feet from sidewalks, unless otherwise required or approved by the Village.
    • The Village will make the final determination on the planting location.
    • Remember, trees grow.  What seems like an appropriate spot now may seem too crowded in a few years.  Pick your spot accordingly.

    The property owner’s cost share will be $200 regardless of the variety ordered.  If you choose to order additional trees, please contact Public Works at 847-317-7245.

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  4. Agreement*

    I have read the tree care tip sheet and agree that watering, pest control, etc. are the responsibility of the homeowner.

  5. Public Works will contact you about payment and planting once your application has been approved.

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