Stay Safe in Hazardous Winter Weather

Hazardous Weather Conditions have been reported for Lake and Cook Counties today and continuing through Thursday next week. Wind chills as low as -20 and highs in the negatives are expected along with snow accumulations.

It is important to check on your neighbors and the elderly during this time. If you or someone you know is in need of a warming shelter due to a power outage or other 
circumstances, locations will be made available.

It is important to monitor the status and changes of the hazardous winter spell via weather broadcasts. The following information and reminders will help with managing the difficult season.

Weather Report
Snow Shoveling

Keep Sidewalks Clear

The Village asks all residents to be considerate of pedestrians and school children by keeping sidewalks clear of snow, ice and garbage and recycling carts.

After 2 inches of snow fall, the Public Works Department clears 24.12 miles of sidewalks throughout the Village. The route focuses on strategic locations that include the sidewalks along major thoroughfares like Deerfield, Waukegan and Lake Cook Roads and sidewalks around schools and Metra parking lots.

The sidewalk snow clearing program prioritizes keeping students and pedestrians safe and clearing snow from sections of sidewalk that are critical to public safety. 

View the sidewalk snow clearing routes here. For questions or concerns, contact the Public Works Department at 847.317.7245.

Frozen Pipe

Prevent Frozen Pipes

With the current cold spell, it's important to take precautions against frozen pipes in your home. Check out the following tips to prevent your pipes from cracking and bursting:

  • Turn off and drain sprinkler/irrigation systems.
  • Identify areas in your home that are prone to freezing.
  • Know how to shut off your water.
  • Close off drafty areas. 
  • Insulate or wrap heat tape around water pipes.
  • Keep cabinet doors open under kitchen/bathroom sinks. 
  • Run water at a trickle.
For issues regarding a frozen water meter or service line, contact Public Works at 847.317.7245.
Fire Hydrant


Assist the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District by clearing snow from the nearest fire hydrant. Remove any snow and ice three feet around the hydrant and all the way up to the street.

The longer it takes firefighters to access a hydrant, the longer it will take for them to secure a water supply to extinguish a fire. 

Winter Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

The Village of Deerfield Public Works Department is responsible for trimming parkway trees for traffic clearance purposes, to preserve the tree’s health and appearance and to prevent possible damage to human life and property.

The Village has established a 4-year cycle for the parkway tree trimming program. Deerfield is divided into quadrants with Deerfield Road as the north/south divider and Waukegan Road the east/west divider. One of these quadrants is maintained each year.

This winter, the northwest quadrant is scheduled to be trimmed in February, weather permitting. Trimming work is scheduled for the dormant season to avoid unnecessary damage or trauma to the tree.

Trimming is done in accordance with professional standards and may include cutting lower limbs for clearance and thinning of the crown.

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