Winter Weather Reminders

Fire Hydrant
  • Do Not Clear Snow Into Streets: We ask all residents to help keep roadways and walkways safe by not clearing snow from their driveways into the street or sidewalks. If you have a private service clearing snow for you, please inform them of this request. 
  • Adopt-A-Hydrant: Assist the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District by clearing snow from the nearest fire hydrant. Remove any snow and ice three feet around the hydrant and all the way up to the street. The longer it takes firefighters to access a hydrant, the longer it will take for them to secure a water supply to extinguish a fire. 
  • Perform Car Maintenance: Make sure your car is ready to be on the road. Clear all snow from the top of your car and your windshield, rear windshield, lights, mirrors, windows and doors. Perform winter maintenance like replacing antifreeze, replenishing your emergency kit and checking brakes, tires, windshield wipers and defrosters.
  • Help Your Neighbors: Do you have an elderly or disabled neighbor who may need assistance with snow removal? Check up on them or offer assistance if you can. 

Protect Your Home from Melting Snow

Melting Snow

Warm weather is forecast for the next few days, and a sudden increase of melting snow is expected. Protect your home and street from flooding with the following tips:

  • Clear sewer inlets on your street. Remove any snow and debris from the inlets on your street to prevent flooding. 
  • Remove snow from around your home. Snow near your foundation, windows and doors can leak into your home once it starts to melt. Remember to shovel any decks, driveways or patios that slope towards your home.
  • Clear your roof and gutters. Consider hiring a professional to remove the snow from your roof. 
  • Test your sump pump. If water gets into your basement, you want to be sure it is taken care of quickly. 
  • Clear snow from drainage areas. Storm drains and catch basins can often get clogged with snow.
  • Rearrange your storage. In case water does get into your basement, be sure to keep any valuables, chemicals or anything else you'd like to keep dry off the floor.
  • Check your appliances. Clear out space around your water heater, furnace and other appliances. 

Non-Emergency Offices Closed for Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day
All non-emergency Village offices will be closed on Monday, February 19, in honor of Presidents' Day. Regular office hours will resume the following Tuesday. 

Garbage collection will not be delayed.
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