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Jun 07

Paving Planned For Wednesday Through Thursday on Plum Tree, Gordon Terrace and Charing Cross.

Posted on June 7, 2022 at 3:37 PM by John Guccione

Paving will take place on Plum Tree and Gordon Terrace, beginning on Wednesday, June 8 at 7 a.m..  Paving of this are will take 1-2 days.


Paving will take place on Charing Cross, beginning on Thursday, June 9 (mid- morning).  Paving of this are will take 1 days.


Paving operations will include heavy truck traffic and will present major delays to through traffic.


During the paving operation, the contractor will place 5 inches of asphalt. Once the asphalt has reached the required compaction and has had time to cool, traffic will be permitted back on the roadway which is usually within 1-2 hours after placement During this time and if possible, please avoid the construction operations and utilize adjacent roadways. All driveways will be accessible at the completion of each work day. Due to the uncertainty of the weather, the contractor will decide early Wednesday morning if paving will occur as planned. If the contractor cannot pave Wednesday, the Village will send out an update via the project blog relaying this information. Should the paving be delayed, the information within this notice will still be relevant, albeit delayed by a day. Residents are encouraged to check the website Wednesday morning for an update.  *Temporary driveway access will not be removed on Wednesday morning, if paving is canceled due to weather.  If weather cancels Wednesday’s paving operation, it would then take place on Thursday.

Residents within the limits of the paving operations will not have access to driveways during paving operations.  Impacted residents have been provided with a physical notification that contains additional information.