Control Measures & Removal

Damage Prevention & Control Measures

Skunks usually dig for insects and grub, and fertilized, well-watered yards tend to serve as good feeding areas for them Steps you can take to prevent and control skunks on your property include:
  • Use an approved pesticide to kill grubs
  • Secure garbage cans and close dumpster lids at night
  • Control rodent populations
  • Do not leave pet food outdoors at night
  • Remove brush or wood piles
  • Seal off all openings along your homes foundation with wire mesh, sheet metal, concrete, or other method to prevent burrowing. Ensure the skunk or kits are not inside prior to sealing by loosely stuffing newspapers in the opening during the morning or afternoon. If the paper was not moved overnight after a couple days, you may proceed with the sealing.
  • Use a window well cover to prevent skunks being trapped.
  • Place a fence along your property or garden

Skunk Removal

If the methods above do not alleviate the situation, contact an Illinois Department of Natural Resources District Wildlife Biologist (see quick links) for information regarding permits and trapping/removal instructions.