Crash Reports

Get Copies of the Accident Report

Copies of completed reports are usually available 3 business days after the accident. Accident information is available through Lexis Nexis.
We no longer have copies of accident reports available at the Police Department.

At this website enter the state and jurisdiction (Deerfield Police Department) and 1 of the following: Report Number, Name and Date of Accident, or Name and Accident Location. Create an account* or login. Once you have signed on, you will be able to purchase the full report or download the driver exchange of information at no cost.

*Complete account registration is required for security and to validate the identity of the involved parties.

When Involved in an Accident

All accidents involving property damage or injuries must be reported to the police immediately. The Deerfield police officer investigating this accident is providing you with the information you need. Check to make sure the information is correct.

The Motorist Report Form contains the following information:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Accident Report Number
  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance policies of all drivers involved

Next Steps

Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible - there may be a time period restriction for you to make your claim.

If damage to any vehicle in the accident exceeds $500 (estimated) or there is an injury, each driver is required by State Law to complete the Motorist Report form and mail within 10 days to:
Illinois Department of Transportation
Crash Records Section
1340 North 9th Street
Springfield, IL. 62766-0001

Information about your accident report:
There may be blank boxes on your report form because these are for internal use or do not apply to your accident. Police officers are not required to complete narratives or diagrams on all accident reports.