Posted on: April 18, 2017

State Inaction Will Delay Kates Road Bridge Repairs, Other Projects Throughout Illinois

Late last month, the Kates Road Bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic following an inspection that found the bridge to be structurally deficient. Construction to replace the bridge is slated to start in July, but the project - supported by Federal funds that pass through the State – could be delayed in the absence of a State budget or the necessary appropriation authority.

Legislators and Gov. Rauner must take action by June 30 or the $2 million Kates Road Bridge replacement and $1.36 billion for projects statewide receiving Federal pass-through funds in Illinois will be delayed. The project was approved earlier this year for federal funding that will cover 80 percent of construction costs, while the Village will be responsible for the remaining 20 percent. No state funds are included in the project, with Illinois only serving as a pass-through entity for the funds. Approximately 9,500 vehicles use the Kates Road Bridge every day. Last year, State inaction caused delays on the Deerfield Road Reconstruction Project that was already underway.

“The Kates Road Bridge serves as a critical route connecting Lake Cook and Waukegan Roads, linking neighborhoods with businesses districts and corporate office parks,” stated Deerfield Mayor Harriet Rosenthal. “Its closure impacts public safety response times and access to businesses and key regional employment centers. Minimizing the time the bridge is closed is in everyone’s best interest.”

Mayor Rosenthal has reached out to local legislators to urge them to support continued funding for this critical project. She is also urging other municipal and local government leaders, the Northwest Municipal Conference and the Illinois Municipal League to press legislators throughout the state to continue pass-through appropriation authority after June 30 to avoid project delays and cost increases.

On March 20, the Village Board concurred with IDOT to award the contract to fully reconstruct the Kates Road Bridge to Lorig Construction Company in an amount of $2.01 million. The scope of work for the project is bridge deck replacement, grind and resurface Pfingsten/Kates Road between Lake Cook Road and Waukegan Road, repair any pavement failures, minor drainage improvements, and modernization of the traffic signal at Kates Road and Corporate 500 Drive.

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