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2019 Woodland Watermain Project

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Jun 01

Update for Week of 6/3: Water Main Work Begins

Posted on June 1, 2019 at 9:28 AM by John Guccione

Water main work will begin work on Monday, June 3rd. This work will include excavating in various locations on Woodland Drive for bore pits and for "vertical utility locates" on existing gas lines and other services. Directional boring of water main on Woodland Drive will be the initial focus of underground work. Once Woodland Drive's water main installation is completed, then the contractor will shift their focus onto the side streets. Pipes and various other materials will be delivered through-out the week and will be stored within the project limits in the parkway areas.

Televising of sanitary service lines has been accomplished for lines which will be crossed during our directional boring operations.  Previous and post televising of the sanitary services lines are performed to verify that no service lines are impacted during the project.

Televising of storm sewers may also proceed this week through the project limits.