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Sep 04

Crabtree & Elmwood - Curb Removal/Replacement

Posted on September 4, 2018 at 3:06 PM by Tyler Dickinson

Tomorrow, the contractor will begin removing concrete curbs on Crabtree Lane and the south side of Elmwood Ave in preparation for the placement of new concrete curbs on Friday 9/7/2018, weather permitting.

Upon completing removal on Wednesday, the contractor will restore driveway access using aggregate material (stone). The temporary stone driveway will be removed on Friday morning at 7:30 AM when the new curb is scheduled to be poured. After the curb has been poured, residents whose driveways are impacted will not be able to access their driveways until the concrete cures (3-5 Days) and passes strength tests.

If you are concerned with parking on the street overnight, the Village recommends taking a neighborly approach to this inconvenience. If possible, please coordinate with your neighbors to allow for overnight parking on their driveway while access to your driveway is impacted. Residents that require daily access to their driveways are encouraged to contact the engineering department.

The Village appreciates your effort in helping to complete this improvement. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Deerfield Engineering Department at 847-317-2490 and request to speak with someone regarding the project, (or reach John Guccione on his mobile phone at 847-561-1851 (

Please drive carefully through construction zones.