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Jun 15

Paving Monday on Somerset & Osterman, Plus Location Updates

Posted on June 15, 2018 at 4:10 PM by John Guccione

Somerset and Osterman Update
Paving of surface course will take place on Monday June 18th. Fresh oil will be placed early on Monday morning. Please drive slowly to avoid oil splashing on cars.  Somerset will be closed during paving. Osterman will remain open during paving and traffic will be managed by flaggers. The contractor’s flaggers will alternate access to east and west bound traffic allowing passage within 5-7 minutes. This paving operation will result in delays to the motoring public. Please be patient. 

Oxford Update
Asphalt base course paving completed. Next week the contractor will focus on parkway restoration. Final surface will not be placed on Oxford until later in this season. Delaying surface paving will allow any potential settling of utility trenches to occur before placing surface course. This will result in a smoother driving surface. 

Update for Byron Court, Crabtree, Elmwood and Meadow
Work on Byron Court, Crabtree, Elmwood and Meadow is on hold, awaiting availability of underground crews.