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Aug 30

Brierhill Construction Update - 8/30/2017

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 3:36 PM by Tyler Dickinson

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Village of Deerfield

Brierhill Road Project Construction Update – 8/30/2017


The contractor is continuing to install topsoil along the disturbed areas of Brierhill Road and clean up the parkways. The contractor began digging for the reinstallation of the mailboxes today. It is anticipated that the mailboxes will be completed in around 2 weeks at which point normal mail delivery will be able to resume.

Tomorrow, the contractor will begin the installation of the asphalt driveways. This work moves fairly quickly and should only impact each location for less than an hour. Once completed and cooled, these driveways will be safe to drive on. Also beginning tomorrow, the contractor will begin planting the new trees. The Village Arborist performed a walkthrough of the site and has recommended the proposed tree locations. However, due to existing shade from nearby trees, these locations are limited.


Next week, the contractor will begin to install the new sod and seed. 




Please be advised that the information communicated here is a forecast of proposed operations, which may change due to contractor availability and/or weather conditions.