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Jul 25

Brierhill Rd Condition Update

Posted on July 25, 2017 at 8:09 AM by Tyler Dickinson

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Village of Deerfield

Brierhill Road Pavement Conditions Update


On Monday morning, the contractor returned to the site after the weekend and found the roadway to be in poor condition. The contractor started their day by fixing all of the potholes that had formed over the weekend which were quite a bit in some locations. The contractor has been filling potholes on a daily basis before leaving work and did so last Friday before going home. However, these potholes probably formed soon after the rain fell Friday night and unfortunately, the Village/contractor weren’t aware of these potholes until Monday.

It is not the intention of the Village to expect residents to drive through such obstacles. If residents notice potholes like this again, they are encouraged to email Tyler Dickinson of the Village ( AND the onsite engineer Dave Bugaj ( They will be able to coordinate with the contractor to get these fixed in a timely manner.

Moving forward, the contractor is currently looking to pave at the end of next week and a specific date will be sent out when one is established. As previously communicated, due to the width constraints of the roadway and curbs, traffic will be unable to pass the paving operations during the paving of Brierhill Rd. Therefore, the Village has authorized the contractor to pave at night. This will begin on the south end at around 8 pm and will be completed by 5am. This will help limit any impacts to the daytime motorists. The Village will be working with the contractor to give as much advance warning to all residents as possible prior to the paving.