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May 12

Construction Forecast for the week of 5/15/2017

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 1:19 PM by John Guccione

There will be a good amount of truck traffic in Deerfield next week!  Please drive slowly and carefully through construction sites.

Pine Street Update: Paving Begins on Tuesday May 16, 2017
Paving will take place on Pine Street Tuesday through Thursday of next week. Access to residential properties will be maintained using aggregate (stone) ramps. However, access may be delayed during daytime operations when access ramps are removed and while paving takes place. This may require residents to relocate their vehicles.  Vehicles will be able to travel upon new pavement approximately 30 minutes after placement and compaction is achieved.  residents will be notified using physical notifications at least 24 hours prior to ramp removals.

Fair Oaks Avenue Update: Pavement Removal Continues
The top layer of asphalt pavement was removed on Fair Oaks Ave. Next week, the contractor will return to begin removal of the concrete sub-base. Removal of the concrete sub-base and preparation of the aggregate base course will take 5-10 days.

Garand Drive Update:  Saw Cutting & Tree Operations
The contractor is looking to begin underground work on Garand Drive  in the next couple weeks (pending crew availability).  Therefore, saw cutting of pavement, along with tree removal and the implementation of tree preservation techniques which include root pruning and crown pruning may begin in the next week.