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Apr 13

Construction Update for Week of 4/13/2020

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 11:58 AM by John Guccione

The below update provides a forecast of construction operations planned for the week of April 13, 2020.   Please note that this forecast is subject to change due to weather.


Dartmouth Ave (Wilmot Rd. To Pine St.)
Additional saw cutting and materials delivery will take place early this week with underground operations planned to begin on Wednesday.  

Deerfield Road Patching (Carlisle to Rosemary)
The contractor will be performing minor concrete road patches at various locations within the limits provided above. This will work result in lane closures and will start on the outside lanes first. Once the outside lanes have been repaired, the contractor will work to repair the inside lanes. 

Knollwood-TUESDAY-4-14Knollwood Ave (Margate to Kingston)
On Tuesday, April 14th the contractor will begin removing and replacing various curb and sidewalks locations on the west side of Knollwood Ave, south of Margate Terrace. These locations have been marked in pink paint. Impacted residents will be notified today by way of hand delivered notices. Please note that this block of Knollwood Rd. will be resurfaced and therefore, full concrete replacements are not warranted. This will also result in less impacts to residents of this block. 

Knollwood Ave (Warwrick to Margate)
The contractor should complete pouring sidewalk on the east side of the street today (Monday, April 13th). Residents whose driveway or sidewalk is being poured today will be provided access to their driveway on Thursday morning.  Resident's whose driveway or sidewalk was poured last week will be provided access to their driveways by the end of business today.

Additionally, curb and sidewalk removal will take place along the west side of Knollwood beginning Wednesday 4/15 through the end of the week.  Shortly after removing the concrete sidewalks and curbs in front of driveways, the contractor will install temporary stone access driveways that will provide access to driveways until 7:30am on Monday, April 20th. The temporary driveways will be removed on Monday morning as the contractor intends to pour the curb along the west side of Knollwood that day (weather permitting).  Additional notice to be provided as we move closer to the date.

Margate Terrace and Westgate Road (From Warrington to Kenton)
On Tuesday, April 14th the contractor will begin removing and replacing curb and sidewalks on the south side of these locations.  The spot repairs will take place in areas which are using pink paint.  Impacted residents will be notified by way of hand delivered notices today.

The Village’s infrastructure construction projects fit under an exemption per the Governor’s Stay at Home order. Outdoor activities, like construction projects, generally will provide for good social distancing that poses little risk of transmission, but it still is important to ensure the ability to wash or sanitize hands and take other precautions. Village and contractor personnel will continue to practice safe social distancing and sanitation efforts during the construction. 

If you have any questions or require special assistance during construction, please contact the Village of Deerfield Engineering Department at 
847-317-2490 and request to speak with someone regarding the 2020 Street Rehab Project.