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Apr 20

ComEd Pole Relocation Update – 4/20/2017

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 4:37 PM by Tyler Dickinson

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Village of Deerfield

ComEd Pole Relocation Update – 4/20/2017

As previously communicated, ComEd will begin the relocation of the pole that is located on the inside of the first curve from Deerfield Rd tomorrow. To move this pole to the opposite side of the road and to transfer the live wires to the new pole, the ComEd will be required to use much of the roadway around that curve. Passenger cars will be able to traverse around their but no vehicles larger than a passenger vehicle will be able to get around until later in the day (~3pm). ComEd will also be working extended hours (7am-8pm) on Friday in order to complete as much of this work as they can before Saturday and any landscapers that may show up.

During this work Friday and in a similar fashion as the roadway contractor, ComEd will let cars through when possible but there will be delays during this work. Please plan accordingly.

The roadway contractor will be working as well tomorrow but will be doing so with a smaller operation due to their large trucks not being able to pass through ComEd’s work.