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2019 Street Rehab Project

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Oct 16

Pavement Removal Begins Tomorrow in the Woodland Subdivision

Posted on October 16, 2019 at 3:39 PM by John Guccione

Pavement removal/pavement grinding will begin Thursday, October 17, in the Woodland Subdivision. 

This includes Woodland Drive, Oakwood Place, Hawthorne Place and Woodbine Court. During this operation, the contractor will grind/remove 2 to 3 inches of the existing asphalt pavement’s surface layer to expose the pavement’s sub-surface.

This pavement grinding/removal operations will include heavy truck traffic and will result in delayed access to driveways while grinding is underway.

Once grinding is completed, this will leave a 2-inch bump at the curb line where driveway approaches exist. Residents should access their driveways slowly to address the difference in pavement elevations. The contractor will install stone access ramps that will allow access to adjacent roadways. These ramps will remain in place until next week’s paving operation.

The purpose of exposing the pavement’s sub-surface is to allow staff to evaluate the sub-surface condition to find damaged areas to repair prior to next week’s resurfacing.

During pavement grinding/removal operations, no parking is permitted on Woodland Drive, Oakwood Place, Hawthorne Place and Woodbine Court. The majority of the road will remain open during pavement removal operations, but may present delays to through traffic. During this time, please avoid the construction operations if possible and use alternate routes.

Please be advised that the information communicated in these updates is a forecast of proposed operations that may change due to contractor availability and/or weather conditions.