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2019 Street Rehab Project

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Aug 23

Saturday Work on Birchwood & Weekly Forecast (All Locations)

Posted on August 23, 2019 at 3:50 PM by John Guccione

Meadow Lane: ACTIVE  Anticipate access delays this week.
Complete curb removal of the north side will now take place on Monday in  preparation for curb placement on Tuesday. Residents will be provided temp access until Tuesday morning at 7a.m. Complete removal was delayed from Friday to Monday due to contractor availability. However, the Tuesday "curb pour" date is still accurate. Impacted residents have been notified. 

Birchwood Ave: 
ACTIVE  Road Closure on Saturday 8/24  7:3 0 a.m. Start Approved
On Saturday, August 24th the contractor will remove the concrete pavement within the intersection of Rosewood and Birchwood. Once the pavement is removed it will be repaved on Saturday with full depth asphalt in preparation for surface paving of Birchwood in the next 2 weeks. Saturday's work will result in the closure of the Birchwood/Rosewood intersection. The contractor will place "road closed" barricades one block proceeding the intersection.  Later in the week, the contractor will begin restoring the parkways and adjusting underground structures in the pavement area in prep for paving.

Berkeley Court:  ACTIVE  Anticipate access delays this week.
Curb removal and excavation along the road edge in preparation for new curb is planned for Tuesday, August 24th. The new depressed curb will be poured on Wednesday.  Mail service on this block will be impacted for some residents. Temporary mail boxes have been established. Impacted residents have been notified. 

Wilmot Road (Greenwood to North Ave)  
Curb removal planned for Tuesday, August 27th.   Concrete placement will follow on Wednesday. These concrete repairs are required previous to the resurfacing of Wilmot Road, which will take place in the next 2-3 weeks.

WarringtonACTIVE 80% complete 7:3 0 a.m. Start Approved for Saturday
Work will take place on Saturday, August 24th as the contractor performs asphalt driveway restoration/paving.  Adjustments to underground structures and parkway restoration will take place later in the week in preparation for surface course paving in 2-3 weeks.

Castlewood, Cranshire, Montgomery, Chatham, Peartree & Village Green: 99% complete
Restoration of parkway areas has been completed. Punch list items remain.