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2019 Woodland Watermain Project

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Aug 19

Woodland WM Project Update - August 19

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 9:09 AM by Tyler Dickinson

August 19, 2019

Work Completed Last Week:

The boring contractor completed the installation of the new water main along on Woodbine Ct from Woodland Dr to North Ave.
The underground contractor continued the installation of fire hydrants, water valves, and connections.

Anticipated Schedule for This Week:

The boring contractor will continue to install new water main via direction drilling operations on Oakwood Pl. The underground contractor will continue with the new water service connections along Woodland Dr. During these connections, short term water disruptions will be required so the homes can be connected to the new main. 

Percentage Complete: 50%

Neighborhood Impacts:

Construction operations will necessitate daily lane and at times roadway closures during working hours which may result in delays to
local vehicular traffic. Caution shall be practiced through the construction work zone, and the Village asks that residents be alert for workers and construction equipment.

The Village appreciates your patience while we complete this improvement. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Village of Deerfield Engineering Department at 847-317-2490.

Please be advised that the information communicated here is a forecast of proposed operations which may change due to contractor availability and/or weather conditions.