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2019 Street Rehab Project

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Jul 21

Update for week of 7/22/2019

Posted on July 21, 2019 at 9:57 PM by John Guccione

Birchwood Ave:
Removal of concrete curb and side walk will begin on Tuesday and Wednesday
on the east side of Birchwood. Concrete curb placement will take place on Wednesday and/or Thursday. Impacted residents will receive printed notifications at their property.

Castlewood, Cranshire, Montgomery, Chatham, Peartree & Village Green:
Surface course paving will continue on Monday, July 22nd. The contractor will begin work on the eastern portion of Peartree Lane, then Chatham Circle and Village Green. Once completed, they will turn their attention to paving the mainline of Castlewood. Cranshire and Montgomery were paved this past Saturday. All surface paving is expected to be completed in this area on Monday (weather permitting). 


Work will begin on Monday and Tuesday to remove concrete curbs and sidewalk (on the east side of Warrington) in preparation for the concrete pour on Thursday and/or Friday. Once curbs and sidewalks have been removed, the contractor will restore access using aggregate (stone) ramps. These ramps will remain in place until the day before the concrete will be placed. Impacted residents will receive printed notifications at their property.

Meadow Lane:
Repairs to concrete curbs and sidewalk will take place in 1-2 weeks. Pavement removal will follow.