Electric Aggregation


The Village of Deerfield has approved a 36-month agreement with MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) to resume its electrical aggregation program. Participating residential and small business customers will not pay more than the ComEd monthly published rate while providing Deerfield an annual Civic Contribution of $60,000 that will be used to purchase 40,000 renewable energy credits that will offset the energy used by households and small businesses with 48.1% renewable sources.

How to Participate

You are not required to do anything to participate in the Electric Aggregation Program. Residents and small businesses will receive letters in the mail the week of August 9. Unless you act to the contrary, mc2 will automatically enroll you in the type of service that is most advantageous to our electricity aggregation program. There are no phone calls or door-to-door solicitations. Simply do nothing and you will be contributing to reducing the Village’s carbon footprint.