Have you ever had a food experience that was just short of inspired… or rather, marvelous? Those experiences usually leave people begging the question, “What is the one thing that takes a meal from ordinary to extraordinary?” Turns out it’s not just one but many different aspects of a meal, from food preparation all the way to the last glass of wine poured, that speak to each person individually. Years ago, we set out to find exactly what meal components spoke to us. In 2015, our next endeavor was to get those components here, to the United States, for others to enjoy.

Before establishing Marvalhas in 2015, the essence of our company had began building years before due to a void in our pantry. We had retired after being in business for over 34 years and began searching for something to keep us active and engaged in our retirement days. We quickly turned to the two things that had always kept our interest over the years, cooking and travel. Wherever our travels took us, we never missed the opportunity to explore the foreign grocery markets. We were always delighted to find items in local stores that we had never heard of nor ever had the opportunity to taste before. It became an obsession of ours to return from each trip with something new to spice up our every day meals. This obsession of ours spread over the years to our friends, family and others, who began making product requests prior to our travels. This grocery store “diving” became a way for us to share our memorable travels with those close to us. Each new piece of culinary excellence that we brought back to the states became an extension of our abroad experience into our day-to-day lives here in The States.

Our goal today is to bring those new and interesting products to local shelves so that you may fill a void in your family’s pantry. It is our pleasure to introduce our longest family obsession, CARM. Filled with the flavor of Portugal’s rugged land, our award winning olive oils and fresh gourmet products are sure to add that little something extra to your meals. In addition, our wines are sure to bring a memorable flare to the beginning, middle and end of all your gatherings.

We appreciate your interested in our products and thank you for giving them a try. Keep checking back as our product offerings will surely continue to grow. We promise to bring to you as many new finds as we can fit in our suitcases.