All Applications / Forms

  1. Bazaar Application (Formerly Arts & Crafts) (PDF)

    Example of an invitation letter for food, arts, and crafts vendors to come to our event.

  2. Corporate Booth Application (PDF)

    Fill out this booth request for your corporate or company booth.

  3. Corporate Sponsorship Application (PDF)

    Become a corporate sponsor by filling out this application.

  4. Food Vendor Contract (PDF)

    If you want to vend food at this event, please fill out this contract for the village.

  5. Parade Entry Form (PDF)

    Read about parade details and apply to enter the parade.

  6. Rotary 10K Race / 5K Walk (PDF)

    Register for the race.

  7. Water Bill Donation Letter (PDF)

    Complete the water bill donation informational letter by reading it and keeping the bottom attachment for the drawing.