Census Data

Latest Census

The most updated Census information for Deerfield can be obtained on the U.S. Census Bureau's American Fact Finder website. On the Fact Finder website you can create a customized search for specific detailed data about Deerfield.

Community Facts & Specialized Search

Also, the Census Bureau's Community Facts is a quick, easy tool to find basic information about the Deerfield community, such as population, income, education levels, and more. Just type "Deerfield, IL" into the search field and click "Go."

Lake County Partners

Lake County Partners is an economic development organization that facilitates capital investment and new jobs in Lake County.


BusinessUSA links businesses to a variety of commerce programs and connects business owners with federal, state, local, and nonprofit resources.

Business Analyst Data

View Business Analyst data for the Village of Deerfield.

Commercial Space Availability

Find information about available commercial spaces in Deerfield.