Energy Conservation Activities

Earth Day Classroom Activities With School District 109

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, the Sustainability Commission partners with School District 109 to bring sustainable activities and curriculum to the classroom. This year, Kipling Elementary, Walden Elementary and Shepard Middle School will participate in energy conservation activities that include a Home Energy Savings Game, Art & Essay Contest, Carbon Footprint Project and a hands-on lighting demonstration presented by Walgreens.

Last year, as part of this successful partnership, 199 students at Kipling Elementary (40% of the student body) completed their very own home energy assessment as part a Home Energy Savings Game (PDF). View results of the game (PDF).

Aggregate Energy Data

Have you every wondered home much energy residents in the Village use? How about businesses? The image below depicts ComEd energy usage in the Village separated by residential and small and large business customers. Lets all do our part to be energy conscience and keep the trend line headed in the right direction.
ComEd Aggregate Energy Data