Village Ordinances & Codes

  1. Appearance Code (PDF)

    View the appearance code.

  2. Building Codes

    Access a list of important building codes and the international code council website.

  3. Comprehensive Plan

    Look through Deerfield's comprehensive plan, including maps and plan amendments.

  4. Construction Site Management

    All permitted construction sites and areas adjacent to the construction site are required to be in compliance with the minimum standards and requirements set forth in Chapter 6, Article 11, of the Village of Deerfield Municipal Code.

  5. ICC Codes

    See a list of the International Building Codes.

  6. Municipal Code

    View all the chapters and articles of the municipal code.

  7. Window Signage Regulations (PDF)

    The goal in regulating window signs is to promote the high aesthetic values that make Deerfield a desirable place to shop and thereby contribute to the success of all in our commercial community.

  8. Zoning Map (PDF)

    View the zoning map with zoning classifications outlined in a key.

  9. Zoning Ordinance

    View the table of contents, text amendments, articles, and appendices.