Community Development (Building & Planning)


The Community Development Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the Village's Zoning Ordinance, Building Code, Comprehensive Plan and Subdivision Code. As such, the department reviews and processes building permits, conducts property inspections and handles land use matters in order to achieve orderly development of the community. The department is separated into two divisions, Building and Planning, which facilitate the department's mission and primary tasks. Nearly all development in the Village comes through the Community Development Department. 

The Department is responsible for providing staff assistance to and coordinating the work of a number of citizen volunteer commissions including the Plan Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Appearance Review Commission and the Village Center Commission. In addition, staff coordinates efforts for various task forces, including the Northwest Quadrant Task Force and in the past provided support for Residential Redevelopment Review Task Force and the Streetscape Task Force. 

Codes & Ordinances

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